Tour Options

Cemetery Tour: Exploring Virgins, Witches and The Afterlife

Explore San Miguel de Allende’s oldest and still active cemetery to enjoy:

  • How to ID local virgins
  • Why SMA is the epicenter for both the cult of the cross and witchcraft
  • How we bring back the deceased for yet one more fiesta
  • The legends behind Mesoamerican tomb offerings

The walking is flat with plenty of places to sit, perhaps on a crypt.

The tour normally lasts an hour and a half costing 300 pesos/15 USD.

The Botanical Garden with unique Sunset views

Explore San Miguel de Allende’s large botanical garden known for its exceptional display of cacti and over 200 acres of walking paths.

Then gambol a narrow bridge and through fields to enjoy a pleasant walk down the mountain while enjoying spectacular sunset views of the city’s church laden skyline.

The walking is strenuous and off the beaten paths. The walk back down into town offers exceptional views for those with a sense of adventure and a camera.

The tour normally lasts two hours and costs 300 pesos/15 USD.

Discovering Vistas in the Oldest Neighborhoods

Explore San Miguel de Allende’s oldest neighborhoods set aside by the Spanish for the indigenous (Centro was for the Spanish).

Starting from where the town started out we’ll climb up and up to enjoy panoramic views of the city while learning why we are the epicenter for the cult of the cross.

The walking is strenuous and off the beaten paths.

This adventurous tour normally lasts two and half hours and costs 400 pesos/20 USD.


Explore the countryside of SMA and visit Mexico’s Sistine Chapel.

The tour starts with a 30 minute bus ride into the countryside.

Once in Atotonilco we’ll explore the chapel that gets 5000 visitors a week and learn why it is both the home of Mexican Independence and a retreat center for self-flagellation.

In addition, you’ll examine the world class murals to see the occasional humor they hold.
Also we’ll chat about the nearby cloistered monastery’s role in miraculous healing.

The bus ride can be exciting and the tour is for the more culturally inclined traveler.

The adventurous tour normally lasts about two hours and costs 400 pesos/20 USD and includes transportation. Timing depends on that day’s bus schedule.

Additional Tour Options

Joseph Toone, in addition to being SMA’s Virgin Expert, has led tours all over the city including the Fabrica (former factory and now art galleries), Parque Juarez, Allende Institute, countless mural-laden neighborhoods, fountains, long abandoned pyramids and underground tunnels surrounding town.

Simply let Joseph know where you are staying and where your interests lie and he’ll design a custom tour your group will recall with fondness forever!